According to Boating Magazine, ezLINE is a top 3 "High Point" of the 2010 Cobalt A25! - - - Cobalt Boats now offering ezLINE on 7 models! - - - ezCLEAT is now available on! - - - ezCLEAT is aiming for April to debut the all new Horizontal Mount ezLINE - - - Look for the all new Horizontal ezLINE on Elete Pontoons! - - -

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This wonderful, innovative product was invented in a 2 minute conversation on a dock at Lake Gaston, NC in the summer of 2007.  I didn’t have a line to tie up my jet ski, and the boat next to me had his lines sprawled all over the dock in a tangled mess.  I borrowed some of his line to tie up, and went into the store.  When I came out, he was waiting for me.  We both apologized, and explained to each other what we really needed to make tying up our boats fast, clean and easy.  Within 2 minutes we had the basic idea down, and over the course of the last 3 years, we have been perfecting the design.  Although the technology is simple, the innovative new design combines many great ideas into one beautiful, strong, affordable, easy to install, and easy to use product. 

Having retractable lines mounted underneath the deck of the boat and accessible where you need them, when you need them is simple genius.  Unlike all other cleats, when you need a line, you simply pull up the cap of ezCLEAT, pull out the line from within the piston, and tie the end of the line with the ezLOOP.  Then, allow the extra line to retract back under the deck, and push down on the cap to lock.  No knots, and no loose ends.  You are secure, fast, clean and easy. 

I know how stressful and demanding docking a boat can be.  I have observed the heated exchanges between the Captain and the crew.  I have seen the damage to boats and docks.  ezCLEAT gives you more control, more confidence and more coordination by giving you a fast and secure way to get tied up.  In a big way, this is a product for the First Mate of every boat.  They want to feel good about boating as well, and giving them ezCLEAT provides them the tools they need to confidently assist while docking.

The small, beautiful stainless steel exterior looks and feels clean.  No stubbed toes or torn clothes!  Our constant tension spring is both powerful and smooth.  The line pulls out easily, and retracts solidly.  The patent pending locking mechanism keeps the line free when the cap is pulled up, and keeps the line locked when the cap is pushed down. 

We have also found ezCLEAT to be an excellent addition to most docks. We have an optional extension that adapts to the extra thicknesses of some docks. Imagine pulling up to a dock at home, at a restaurant, or at a marina with the lines already available on the dock. What an excellent way to impress your guests and keep them safe while walking on your dock. ezCLEAT will store all excess line under the dock!


Important ezCLEAT features and benefits include:

  1. Retractable Lines: The line is always where you left it! It is not sitting loose on the deck or coiled and stowed somewhere. It is ready to use where and when you need it.

  2. ezLOOP: The loop at the end of the line makes tying up your boat simpler than ever before.  You take the small loop, fold it over onto itself to make a bigger ezLOOP, and tie-off like you would with any large loop.  There are no knots, and no loose ends.

  3. Patent pending locking mechanism: So easy to use that anyone in the family can be part of the crew! Simply pull out the desired line length and press down the cap to securely lock the line.

  4. Smooth Appearance and Feel:  ezCLEAT's smooth cap rises only half an inch, even when in use. This eliminates a serious tripping hazard on your deck or dock and is much more attractive than a standard cleat.


Any way you look at it, ezCLEAT is a break-through product that gives the Captain more control, and makes boating safer and more enjoyable for everyone.



ezCLEAT and ezLINE are the cool and innovative new solution to docking problems. ezCLEAT features a deck mounted retractable line with a patent-pending locking mechanism. ezLINE offers the incredible convenience of a retractable line to be used with your current boat cleat set up. Either product you choose is sure to please your family and first mates by decreasing tie-up difficulty and increasing deck and dock safety.