According to Boating Magazine, ezLINE is a top 3 "High Point" of the 2010 Cobalt A25! - - - Cobalt Boats now offering ezLINE on 7 models! - - - ezCLEAT is now available on! - - - ezCLEAT is aiming for April to debut the all new Horizontal Mount ezLINE - - - Look for the all new Horizontal ezLINE on Elete Pontoons! - - -

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ezCLEAT products coming soon:


  • Our current line-up is undergoing a product update. We are increasing strength, reliability, and versatility.

  • Horizontal ezLINE

Designed with Pontoons in mind. This product will be lower profile and allow for easier

installation on Pontoon applications and any other application with less vertical mounting space.


  • New Locking Mechanism Design

The new locking mechanism for our launch product, ezCLEAT, is in the works. We are very

close to completing our prototype for testing. The new system will be stronger and more versatile.



This product promises to make using and handling boat fenders much easier.



ezCLEAT and ezLINE are the cool and innovative new solution to docking problems. ezCLEAT features a deck mounted retractable line with a patent-pending locking mechanism. ezLINE offers the incredible convenience of a retractable line to be used with your current boat cleat set up. Either product you choose is sure to please your family and first mates by decreasing tie-up difficulty and increasing deck and dock safety.