According to Boating Magazine, ezLINE is a top 3 "High Point" of the 2010 Cobalt A25! - - - Cobalt Boats now offering ezLINE on 7 models! - - - ezCLEAT is now available on! - - - ezCLEAT is aiming for April to debut the all new Horizontal Mount ezLINE - - - Look for the all new Horizontal ezLINE on Elete Pontoons! - - -

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Boating Magazine (June 2010)

"The optional retractable quick-tie dock lines (ezLINE)  are applauded as a top

3 high point on the all new Cobalt A25 in this months "Boating Magazine".


The A25 has changed the standards for dramatic design, function and

style in luxury boats. By Randy Vance




Our Review
ezCleat is a retracting cleat that leaves just a small mushroom shaped bump on the deck when down. To use, the mushroom cap pops up and the line can be taken to the cleat on the dock. The line is then held taught when the cap is pushed down

From Ryan Devers; I have a 24ft Everglades bay boat down in Key Largo. It’s a simple and reliable design that works well and looks great on the deck. Rather than the standard, bulkier boat cleat I had always used this locks down nearly flush with the deck, pulls up when you need the line, and has a loop at the end of the line that makes tying up easy. My girlfriend and her son use it and appreciate not having to find the lines, tie them up, and then bundle and store wet lines when finished. Once tied up, the line retracts back under the deck as far as you need, you press down the cap and the line is locked.





Tired of coiling up and stowing dock lines? One tidy solution could be the ezCleat retractable dock lines, which consist of a pop-up cleat with a locking mechanism and an integrated, retractable 3/8-inch diameter line that stow under the deck. Without hassle, this system helps keep the deck of your boat and the dock neat and free of tripping hazards. Suggested retail price is $129 per cleat. Dive N Dog, Naples, Fla. Phone (877) 567-4602.

This article originally appeared in the Home Waters sections of the August 2010 issue.



ezCLEAT and ezLINE are the cool and innovative new solution to docking problems. ezCLEAT features a deck mounted retractable line with a patent-pending locking mechanism. ezLINE offers the incredible convenience of a retractable line to be used with your current boat cleat set up. Either product you choose is sure to please your family and first mates by decreasing tie-up difficulty and increasing deck and dock safety.